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Finger Hands - Hey dude, did you ever wonder what it would look like if your fingers had tiny hands on the end as if they were arms? It’s a freak out! This set of five irresistible soft vinyl finger puppets fit snugly on the end of your fingers and look like a quintet of tiny right hands. Now you can give a high twenty-five.

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"this pizza is gonna go straight to my butt" i say as i grab the pizza and slap it against my butt

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Romance Was Born’s ‘Mushroom Magic’ collection shot backstage at Mercedez Benz Australian Fashion Week 2013.

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Candy stripes 🍭

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Graduate collection - Valeska Jasso Collado - University of Westminster - Inspired by Ettore Sottsass and Memphis Group

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Babe got me a sparkly little ghost pin! 👻

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I’ve started writing haikus about work.

"Step back from my bar,
What the fuck do you need now?
Fuck you, bitch, step back.”

"I saw you back there.
Instagramming your coffee.
Hashtag please just leave.”

"You asked for half-caf
But what I heard you say was
‘I’m an idiot.’”

"These are our prices, sir.
And, if you do not like it,
Bother someone else.”

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Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada FW 2013

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